Sunday, 8 August 2021

LDPlayer | How to play MOBILE GAME on PC INCREDIBLE…!

LDPlayer Review: Best Emulator to Play Android Game on PC, LDPlayer Review: Have you tried running Android apps or games on your PC? That completely differs from running Android apps on mobile devices. In particular, you would get a superb gaming experience if you play Android games on PC with a larger screen. All these have come true with the support of Android emulators. 


There are a variety of Android emulators in the market currently. LDPlayer is one of the popular Android emulators, which is compatible with Android 5.1.1 and Android 7.1.2. It supports a wide range of high-performance mobile games to be played on PC. In addition, you can also access the Google Play Store for other apps. With its multi-functional design and user-friendly settings, LDPlayer certainly performs better than a real phone.

The Installation of LDPlayer

Step 1: Download the LDPlayer installer from their official website: Download now

(Note: You can install LDPlayer 3.0, which is running Android 5.1, or LDPlayer 4.0 which is running Android 7.1)

Step 2: Run the installer and check the setup path


Step 3: Complete the setup and run LDPlayer form your desktop.

The Pros of LDPlayer

High Performance

Most people mainly use the Android emulator to play games, you are no exception. Based on Android 5.1.1 and Android 7.1.2, LDPlayer provides high compatibility for players to play high-performance games on PC smoothly, such as PUBG Mobile, Black Desert Mobile, Clash of Clans, etc. No matter MMORPGs or TCGs, LDPlayer enables you to play these games on your desktop with ease.

To get a high-graphics gaming experience, you need to choose the highest resolution and select the recommended CPU and RAM on the settings of LDPlayer. After that, you would find that the LDPlayer Android emulator renders the graphics very well while you are playing games. If the frame drops, you could adjust the resolution to medium dpi.


Simple User Interface

When you open LDPlayer, you would see intuitive and simple UI which is the same as your Android mobile device. Besides, there are a bunch of Android apps showed on the below of the home screen. It’s available to click and download them from Google Play Store. If you want to download other popular games, you can also search them on LD Store.

Additionally, you may already feel boring with the default wallpaper. Unlike other emulators, the latest version of the LDPlayer provides a custom-wallpaper feature, which renders you set your favorite local pictures as your wallpaper freely. You can head to the emulator Settings and find the Wallpaper tab.

Various Features

LDPlayer offers improved built-in tools that are extremely beneficial to game players, like multi-instance, keymapping, APK support, etc. For instance, if you cannot find games you like on LDPlayer, you can transfer the APK filter to LDPlayer with APK support. LDMultiplayer will help you a lot when you play TCGs. It enables you to launch multiple LDPlayer instances and log in several accounts at the same time. Therefore, your character will grow faster that helps upgrade the game level.

In addition, keyboard mapping is a great tool that allows you to set a mapping of keys on a keyboard to command actions on the LDPlayer. This feature will free your hands and make use of a keyboard. Otherwise, you can set shortcuts to making your character display several actions simultaneously.


LDPlayer does a nice Android emulator for game players. However, every coin has two sides. LDPlayer supports most Android games/app available on the market but not all. As LDPlayer is still being developed, the compatibility will be improved.


LDPlayer is a free Android emulator for PC where you can play Android games on PC with a bigger screen. With various improved features and superb performance, LDPlayer will give you a different gaming process. Thus, if you are looking for the best Android emulator to run Android games on PC, LDPlayer would be a great choice, although it still has room for improvement.